Our Story

We are a fine jewelry brand sold by exclusive retailers and through a network of brand ambassadors. Our jewelry is made in New York City from the highest quality 14k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and gemstones. We seek to provide a top quality luxury product at an accessible price point—because no one ever said “I have too much jewelry”.

Photo of Co-founders Meghan Folsom and Lauren Abend

The Gild was founded by jewelry insiders with over twenty years of combined industry experience. Meghan Folsom and Lauren Abend are the owners and co-founders of The Gild and of Mega Mega Projects, located in New York City. Mega Mega is a fine jewelry press office and wholesale showroom founded in 2012. We have developed valuable media and retailer relationships in the fine jewelry market in several continents and represent some of the greatest talents in the industry.

Since founding Mega Mega, Lauren and Meghan have worked with hundreds of jewelers all over the world to refine their collections and expand their businesses. We are thrilled to bring this jewelry expertise to women outside of our network and to expand our tribe to include passionate jewelry lovers all over the country!

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Charitable Giving
At The Gild, we give a portion of proceeds of all our sales to charity. We strive to give back at the local level, and a portion of our proceeds are donated to charity. We are happy to partner with your charitable event!
Please reach out to inquire about how we can connect and make a difference together.