The Gild is committed to sustainable, ethical and responsible practices. We make our jewelry in the United States using materials that emphasize our efforts to be socially conscious. The skilled craftspeople who create our jewelry have become our trusted sources and help us achieve the high standard we have set for our work.

The Gild purchases conflict free diamonds.

When possible, we buy natural diamonds which are conflict free, from sources that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Systems, and are in full compliance with United Nations resolutions.

When possible The Gild purchases recycled diamonds.

Recycled Diamonds are the most eco-friendly natural diamonds available. They are naturally occurring diamonds, previously set in jewelry, that are then removed and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale.

The Gild designs with recycled metals.

In an effort to provide fine jewelry that protects both people and the environment, our casting house uses suppliers that are independently certified, verifying that they only source and manufacture metals from "DRC-Conflict Free" mines or other domestic US sources. Whenever possible, we use raw materials and alloys that have been recycled and processed in a responsible, sustainable manner.